HRS offer a very different solution to senior recruitment needs, we recognise the
value of exceptional recruitment, but not the need to charge large % figures that
distort the actual work done.

We operate in complete partnership with our clients, delivering services that
compliment their needs. All our consultants are skilled Executive Coaches providing
unrivalled insight and understanding of both client and candidate, their needs,
desires and capabilities. Only by understanding and sharing the desired outcome
can we provide the objectivity required to ensure the process is not corrupted.

Specific areas of differentiation are:
 We charge a fixed day rate for each stage of a clearly defined process.
 Work in partnership allowing the client to choose their degree of involvement.
 Professionally represent our client's true need in the recruitment market.
 Use our expertise in Executive Coaching to better understand all involved in
              the  hiring process.
We operate on a truly global basis, 2010 saw just over 40% of our placements take
place outside the UK.  We focus on the Financial Services Sector where we have
over 15 years experience in offering tailored recruitment solutions. All our
consultants have worked for over 20 years in the sector and possess both strong
technical knowledge and exceptional personal/professional networks.
HRS Recruitment
Global Recruitment Services
Global Reach Personal Touch
Unique 'Values Driven' Recruitment
"The most transparent, cost efficient and professional
recruitment service I have encountered"
Head of Talent and Resourcing

"Rupert knows the business and the people within it, it is
great that finally someone has addressed the ridiculous
fees paid to head hunters"
MD FX products, Deutsche Bank